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Return on Investment

Calculate your Return on Investment with simple steps at ROI Wizard.


Conversion Tracking

Track every step in the conversion process with the help of our conversion tracking assistant.


Tracking And Improving Results

Improve your results and take your business to greater heights with our tracking and analysis.

ROI Formula (Return on Investment)

There is no specific formula for ROI. It changes according to the situation and the kind of investments.


System Requirements

ROI Wiz was developed exclusively for web sites hosted on Windows NT/Windows 2000 Servers. Minimum requirements include:

  • Windows NT Server 4.0, Windows 2000 Web Server, or Windows Server2003-2006
  • SQL 7 or 2000

The SQL Server version does require that you own a copy of SQL server or have this hosting option with your web host.



Capable of storing up to 3 demographic fields that can be included in all reports.  For example, if you collect Gender when a customer purchases, you can store the gender to see who purchase more often, or who converts quicker.


Ensuring Customer Success.

ROI Wizard was founded by experienced industry experts. A dedicated team putting their hearts in they do is working round the clock to provide exceptional services to our customers. We never try to meet the expectations of the customers, we try to exceed them. It has always worked for us and has made ROI Wizard a reliable name.



Track any online marketing campaign.  ROI Wiz not only tracks pay per click advertising, but can also track any online advertisement whether its a banner ad or a text link in an email marketing campaign.


Track results per Search Engine, Keyword and Acquisition Type.


Supports an unlimited number of Click Sources.  Example Click Sources for pay per click advertising are Overture, Google, FindWhat, eSpotting, etc.

Our Team

The core team of ROI Wizard consists of some of the curated talents in the industry.


Latest Post

Why is the dentist so expensive?

A visit to a dentist is often costly. Many of you might have experienced a disturbance in their budget because of a sudden need to go to a dentist. It is a general observation that the dental care procedures are often very costly and even a single trip to the dentist can cost you a fortune.

It is of no surprise that just the primary cleaning treatment by a dentist is costly. Everyone wants to have bright white teeth and a beautiful smile, but it seems that not all of us can afford it. The mounting dental bills are one of the contributing factors why people hesitate to see a dentist. Whenever a problem arises, the majority of the people find excuses not to go to the dentist because it includes risks of infections, the pain seems to be unbearable, and most importantly, the treatments cost a lot.

If you have seen a dentist for any treatment, you might have a better idea that the simple procedures are also not easily affordable. Something as simple as the dental fillings can cost you $100-$300 (The exact price depends on the filling size.) Moreover, the complicated procedures including root canal and crown can cost up to $1000 for one tooth as these treatments require more time and efforts on the part of dentists.

If you ever wonder that why is the dentist so expensive, we have got the answer for you. Well, multiple factors combine to make these treatments costly. Most importantly, the dental procedures are performed by the well-trained and skilled professionals. These are the doctors who spent several valuable years of their life in academic institutes, dental colleges and took several expensive training programs so that you can get an effective treatment. So, if you consider all the efforts that they put in, along with their dedication and professional efficiency, it will justify the price that they charge for different services.

Moreover, the dental equipment and different tools that they used to treat your dental problems are very expensive. On top of that, their sterilization procedures and maintenance cost are also very high. For instance at Tannlege i Ålesund, the dental x-ray machines that they use costs about $20,000 and the advanced digital versions are even more expensive. Besides, an ordinary dental chair with necessary trays and required light is also costly, and they buy each chair for $10,000 approx.

Furthermore, sometimes the professionals contact other companies and labs for purchasing some stuff like dentures, and it adds up the reason for their being costly. In addition to these, when you consider the price of surgical apparatus, medication (that are required for several different treatments such as fillings and root canals) and anesthesia, you will understand why they charge such a hefty fee per visit.

Here is another important thing to mention. Remember that the dentists are the health professionals and just like other doctors they also have to get malpractice insurance that costs huge money.


These are the different reasons that add up to huge medical bills that you often have to pay when you visit a dentist. Some treatments are costlier than the others because of their complexity. You might think that a dentist is charging too much for your dental care, but his efforts, skills, and tools that he or she uses are not cheap. The take home point is, dentists are expensive because they are totally worth it.

How to create good ROI when selling car lights

The demand of spare car lights has escalated over the years, and a number of entrepreneurs and businessmen have created a thriving business of selling car lights to their customers. They purchase the car lights in bulk from a yard sale or a wholesaler, and they sell it to their clients to add a variety of lights to their vehicles.

It is no secret that people have started their business in selling car lights to their customers; however, they do not tend to meet a specific profitability margin or yield a considerable return on investment (ROI), when investing in car lights. It requires them to turn to business practices, which would allow them to create a substantial return on investment by selling car lights to their customers. Always keep the demand of the car lights in mind, before you consider supplying them to its corresponding target audience.

There are a number of practices and tactics which would allow a business to generate a good ROI in the long run. Let’s have a look at few of the following ways on how to create a substantial ROI when selling car lights:

  • Buy in bulk, sell in bulk

If you have a business that specializes in selling car lights then, you should consider investing in car lights on a large size scale, so you could sell them in bulk as well. You can always get contracts from car manufacturing companies, and if they see that you are selling car lights in abundance then, they would be inclined to buy car lights in abundance as well. It should garner you an adequate return on investment accordingly.

  • Market to a particular target market

When you operate a business that specializes in selling car lights then, you should take the responsibility to market your product to the right target audience in order to generate sale and profitable return on investment. The wrong target market wouldn’t be interested in buying your products in the long run, and it could be a waste of investment for you. One of the best companies that we have seen selling car lights are Arbeidslys in Norway, that have increased their bottom line imensly by targeting down into the Norwegian market and focusing on what works best for their customers.

Therefore, take time to learn that who your target audience is; so you could cater to their needs accordingly. You can coordinate with car manufacturers to sell them car lights or, you can sell them to a wholesaler or supplier, and it should help you yield a profitable outcome in the long run.

  • Branch out your business

When operating a business, you would be required to buy or manufacture car lights in bulk, so you could sell them without going out of the stock. However, it is a hefty investment and if it doesn’t generate a profitable return on investment within the given timeframe then, it may not be a good look for your business. You definitely need a good ROI to be able to manage the operation of your business in the long run. If you fail to do so then, it’s not a good sign for your investments.

You can always start with branching out your business into other places—you can resort to selling car lights online or, you can work with distributors or suppliers to supply your products to places or clients, from where you can earn a good amount of money.

Also, you can consider having more than one branch, so you could cater to a broader category of customers in the long run.


How To Calculate ROI For Your Business

If you are an entrepreneur or an investor, this is not the first time that you are coming across or hearing this question. How to calculate the return on investment for your business? It is a known fact that everyone wants to have good returns for their investments. But calculating the ROI for your investment is not as easy as it sounds. It is not like you have a predefined method through which you can arrive at an answer. The fact is people use various methods to calculate the ROI for their company. For companies that are listed in the Fortune 500, it is an entirely different ball game. It is not just because of the huge numbers that they deal with. Even though these companies make huge profits, they have it practice of rotating the cash in their own company or in their sister concerns.

The ROI formula

The basic idea of ROI is to calculate money or value that you have additionally received from your investment in percentage.

The formula for ROI is (Return/initial investment) x 100

A simple example might help you get a clear picture. You are purchasing a small business for 200000 dollars. You later sell the business for 300000 dollars. So with the amount that you purchased and with the amount that you sold the business, you have made 100000 dollars. If you convert it into a percentage, it is fifty percent of the initial investment. So the ROI for your investment is fifty percent.




Some complications

Scenario one

The above was very simple. But it is not this simple always. Let say you invest 200000 dollars and get a profit of 20000 dollars. If you again invest that 20000 profit in your business your investment becomes 220000 dollars.  If you sell the business 300000 dollars, then the ROI becomes thirty-six percent.

Scenario two

Let us consider that the investment is 200000 dollars and you again invest 20000 dollars that you gained as profit and sold the business for 300000 dollars. But you have also made 50000 dollars in profit which you did not invest. So the returns have become 80000 dollars in addition with 50000 dollars. So that is a total of 130000 dollars.  Then the ROI becomes fifty-nine percent.

If you think this is complicated. Think again. This is very basic. You will need the assistance of the professionals like auditors and lawyers to calculate and arrive at a perfect value.

Scenario three

This time we shall add the time factor which plays an important role. With the 220000 investment and 50000 as profit and the sale price is 300000 dollars after five years of accruing the business the ROI is fifty-nine percent which makes it 11.8 percent profit per year. You are investing in another business which gives forty percent ROI in two years. But you are not sure about its value after that. So this company gives twenty percent in one year, and the other business gives 11.8 percent on one year. The overall profit might be high but when you consider the time factor it is comparatively low.

Best Marketing Strategies For Good ROI

Return of investment is the major thing that every business owner and investor is concerned about. It might be three simple words, but it is the main and the only reason for which most of us employed for, and every company is running after. The ROI is calculated using two main parameters. The amount that goes in as an investment and the profit or the value that it generates.

The ROI of any company depends on these two things the operations and the marketing. In most of the companies, operations division only has small issues which can be resolved easily if there are enough resources. But marketing is the biggest hurdle that every company has to cross. Even if the company has all the required resources, marketing has always been a tough task.

The best way to market is to reach the right people at the right time with the right message. No offense to the operations division, a good marketer should be able to sell even the worst service or the product. The biggest boon to the marketing field is the internet. With the data available we can target and reach the right audience who are potential customers. Here are some of the marketing strategies for the best ROI.

Google Ad words

The search engine giant has provided us with a great platform to market our product or service. More than eighty percent of the purchases happen after a Google search. So making your ads appear on the screen while searching for your kind of product or service is mandatory to increase the number of customers. Clicking your Ad will direct them to your website where you can showcase the complete picture and the potential of the company.


SEO means Search Engine Optimization.  It is the process of getting your website up in the search engine results. Even though SEO is very technical, the base of SEO deals with the basic psychology of man. It is a rare event that someone will go the second page in the Google search results. It is because more than 98% of the time Google offers the required results in the first page itself. So SEO for business is mandatory. Without SEO for your business, you are pretty much non-existent in the digital world.



Email marketing

Email marketing works in many ways. It helps you to find new customers, and at the same time, it helps you the stay connected with your old customers. Email marketing helps to convey information and update people if there is any event, special occasion, and offers. This is the reason why many websites ask to sign up with your mail Id.

Social Media Marketing

If you want to reach people in a casual way and strike the perfect chord with them, the best way to do it is through social media. The use of attractive graphics like images, videos, motion posters, and GIFs will definitely help to create a strong impact and a better impression among the audience.

Every social media platform is not a just tool to market; it is also a means to interact with people and customers. A casual conversation with a customer is something that would benefit business in every aspect.


Return on Investment and Conversion Tracking software

ROI Wiz™ is Internet Marketing Return on Investment and Conversion Tracking software. ROI Wiz™ tracks clicks and acquisitions from pay per click (PPC) sites and other forms of internet advertising, such as email newsletters. This information helps you to rationally optimize your marketing campaigns and enables you to lower your overall cost per acquisition.




ROI Wiz™ will track which pay per click search engines are performing better than others, as well as which keywords are leading to the most sales. You can even store up to 3 demographic fields to report on additional metrics. For example, if storing gender you can determine if men are more likely to purchase than women. You can even determine who tends to convert sooner.